3 Tips For Florida Lawn Care

Two Children Running Through Garden Sprinkler

If you live in Florida, then you know that we face some unique conditions when it comes to the environment. In particular, Florida natives deal with nutrient deficiency, salinity, temperature extremes, over- or under-watering, soil problems, and prolonged exposure to shade or traffic. As a result, there is a unique methods that we should be using to manage our lawns that diverge from others around the country.

No matter what the environmental stress Florida is experiencing, there are some basic lawn management techniques that you should employ to keep it healthy and stress-tolerant.


1 Choose the right grass for your location
It’s certainly not practical or inexpensive to replace your lawn down the road when you realize the grass simply won’t stay healthy in your location. So if you’re building now, keep this in mind. Furthermore, you want to consult a professional before installing any grass because factors you don’t even know about could lead to your lawn’s downfall. For instance, if the lawn is heavily shaded, you probably don’t even want to use grass in the first place since it won’t get the sun it needs to live.


2 Fertilize (Right!)
Applying too much nitrogen (with your fertilizer) can cause your lawn stress and weaken its condition. People fall into this trap if they apply fertilizer in the late growing season, especially where grass is dormant over the winter (particularly North Florida). Consider looking for a fertilizer with equal amounts nitrogen and potassium and reading up on the grass in your area


3 Mow at the right height!
Did you know different types of grass need to be cut lower/higher than others? Well they do and if you cut certain lawns too low, you will weaken the roots and therefore its ability to withstand environmental stresses. Find out how high your grass should be here.


Your best choice is to hire a local lawn and shrub care company that knows all about Florida grass and can help the grass deal with environmental stress, so you don’t have to! Good luck!