Armadillos: A Different Type Of Pest Control

When people say pest control, many of us think of dealing with bugs and tiny little critters that are destroying a home or property. That might extend to some of the smaller rodents, but we typically don’t think of big animals the size of large dogs and cats infesting our properties.


However, a good pest control company knows about the spectrum of concerns that property owners may have. The best companies are able to meet the needs of clients regardless of how big or small the insect or animal is.


So let’s talk about the armadillo, one of the unusual pests that’s unique to certain areas of the country, and often pops up in Florida. Jacksonville residents may be acquainted with one of these free-roving pests and what they can do. 


Armadillo Concerns


Why are these considered a pest control issue?


Well, armadillos like to dig. They may end up digging near a foundation, under a fence, or around critical home infrastructure. As they burrow, they can create problems for the humans who live in a property or own that property. It’s not unusual to see a burrow that has an impact on some type of home system, or on some component of a pool or hot tub, or outdoor amenity. 


What Can You Do?


Armadillos are not like many of the more common animals where people have a lot of different options for keeping them away from sensitive buildings and other structures.

Because of the protections for this animal, the only choice you have is to trap it and relocate it according to the rules around animal welfare and treatment. That’s easier said than done, and some of the firms that are used to brute force or “shade tree work might not really be up to the task. Specialized resources make this kind of environmental work easier, but they require an investment on the part of the pest control company. That’s true of a lot of what we do, really. 


Perschel and Meyer has what it takes to take care of an armadillo problem on your property.


But that’s not all – we also deal with termite damage, mouse problems and various kinds of infesting insects that can make your life difficult. Talk to us about our track record of pest control in the Jacksonville, Florida area and how we’re ready to go to work for you. As a family business with a great local reputation, we can be on your speed dial for armadillos and more.