Beating The Creepy Crawlies

Getting rid of a bug infestation can be a vexing, trying, exhausting process. For a lot of people, it’s a very scary problem, partly because getting rid of bugs isn’t as easy as doing three quick things or saying the magic words. It’s not something you can take care of in an hour or so, with the right amount of willpower.

Getting rid of a bug infestation is often a multistage process that happens over a number of weeks or months. Although most infestations do eventually end at some point, that may not happen until there are a lot of effects – damage to property, health scares, and the repulsiveness of having to coexist with these critters – just to name a few.

Beating The Creepy Crawlies

At Perschel & Meyer Pest Management, we bring the power of an innovative and high-design pest control platform to your project. Here’s a little bit about how we work to get the bugs away, and keep them out of your property!

Daily Work

Some of the work of pest control and bug mitigation is a daily process. For example, our initial analysis and many of the planning aspects that we do at a client’s property happen that first day. We’ll be discussing your situation with you and planning treatments, as well as thinking about weather, scheduling and other concerns. This will effectively set the stage for what happens next.

Weekly Work

As the weeks go on, our technicians will be monitoring your property against the initial baseline. What they find will depend on various factors like optimal bait placement, accurate identification of populations, and more.

Some infestations can start to respond well to treatment in just one week. Other projects will take longer…

Monthly Work

Here’s the longer-term horizon where our technicians are continuing to focus relentlessly on getting your property free of bugs.

For those infestations that don’t respond within a week or two, we’ll be again looking at long-term data and taking additional steps to solve the problem. That might involve changing the placement of treatments or the frequency, or moving objects around within a property. In the end, we will help you to return your home or business property to the same safe and livable condition it was in before these insects reared their ugly heads.

In the Jacksonville area, you can’t go wrong by turning to Perschel & Meyer Pest Management for your pest control needs. We are no quick-fix, fly-by-night company. We’ve been around for awhile, helping clients to battle the infestations that keep them up at night. Let us fight for you, too.