Bed Bug Nightmares

Bed bugs are a nightmare, and once your home is infested with them, they must be exterminated by professionals. They cannot be ignored and common household “bug killer” will not get rid of them. You need Perschel and Meyer Pest Management.  Our technicians are trained specifically to rid your home of these nasty creatures.


Bed bugs are parasitic insects. They feed exclusively on blood – preferably human blood.   Some prefer animals.


The name “bed bug” sends cold shivers up anyone’s spine. These creatures will literally infest your home.  They will inhabit furniture and your mattresses. They are very active mostly at night when you’re sleeping, but can also feed during the day. There are health effects from these insects. They cause skin rashes and allergies.


International travel has increased bed bug populations in the U.S.  Certain pesticides that were used back in the 1940s have been banned, and now bed bugs infestations are on the increase.


Bed bugs are hard to detect requiring a well-trained pest control company. Perschel and Meyer will treat your home quickly and efficiently.  Since bed bugs can come into your home  via pets, clothing, luggage, and even used furniture, your home will be thoroughly inspected. They live in electrical outlets and other small hidden places. P&M will find their nesting areas and exterminate them. We provide follow-up treatment since often it takes more than one treatment completely eradicate your home.  Once we rid your home of bed bugs, we have a comprehensive program for keeping them away.


So, if you suspect these nasty little creatures have invaded your home, give Perschel and Meyer a call. We offer a free estimate on extermination and a follow-up program to keep your home free of bugs once and for all.