Carpenter Ants Cause Serious Structural Damage

06_carpenter-ants-1024x819Carpenter ants may look harmless, and because they aren’t termites, many people think they are not a problem. That is false. They can cause significant structural damage, often as serious as termites if not treated early. They survive both indoors and outdoors. They like moist environments, especially decaying or hollow wood. They build their nests in this type of wood and thrive there. Similar to termites, they create tunnels that lead to their nesting area. These little pests can be found living around and under windows, decks and patios, and roof eaves. These areas are attractive to them because of the moisture in those areas. They are also attracted to tree bark and can be found all over the trunk of a tree giving them easy access to your roof.


A sign that you may have carpenter ants is the trace of saw dust near door frames, porches, decks, and patios. The saw dust they leave behind (called frass) is an excellent clue and it may help indicate where the carpenter ants are nesting. They leave behind very smooth tunnels, a tell-tale sign of an infestation.

A nest of these ants can do a serious amount of damage.


There are different types of carpenter ants. Some even bite in defense of their territory. They will defend their nest to the bitter end against threats or invasions. They fight back. They are large in size compared to other species of ants, and can leave a serious bite, even breaking the skin. They leave behind an acidic “venom” which causes pain and burning. If you find you have an infestation of carpenter ants, find a trained professional to remove the ants and the entire nest. Don’t wait until there is serious damage. Your entire home should be treated.


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