Armadillos: A Different Type Of Pest Control

When people say pest control, many of us think of dealing with bugs and tiny little critters that are destroying a home or property. That might extend to some of the smaller rodents, but we typically don’t think of big animals the size of large dogs and cats infesting our properties.   However, a good […]

Keep Fido Safe In Your Yard

Regardless of the time of year, lawn care and landscaping can be full-time jobs. Keeping our properties in top shape requires much work, especially when curious pets dig, chew, and romp through our landscape and gardens. If your family includes a canine companion, you need to be aware of potential dangers that lurk for your […]

The Advantages of Having Your Trees Trimmed By Professionals

Over 75% of Americans spend time outside in their yards on a regular basis. If you love spending time outdoors, you know how important maintaining your home’s landscaping is. A fresh-cut lawn and well-manicured trees provide the outside of a home with tons of curb appeal. It is your job as a homeowner to monitor […]

Three Things That Matter

What matters in pest control services and other similar property protection offers? Every industry has its values, and every industry has its challenges. In our world, customers crave a certain set of key proficiencies and capabilities that we have developed as a top pest control and property maintenance company in the Jacksonville area. You can […]

Beating The Creepy Crawlies

Getting rid of a bug infestation can be a vexing, trying, exhausting process. For a lot of people, it’s a very scary problem, partly because getting rid of bugs isn’t as easy as doing three quick things or saying the magic words. It’s not something you can take care of in an hour or so, […]

The Dangers of Over Watering Your Lawn

Landscaping irrigation systems use over one-third of the water consumed by residential structures in the United States. Most homeowners realize that in order to keep their grass looking great, they have to provide it with the right amount of water. Grass that is deprived of water will soon die off. If you lack experience with […]

Four Areas Of Pest Control Service That Works

As a major Jacksonville pest control company, we see all of it – all of the creepy crawlies and property liabilities that can be properly treated with high-quality scientific pest control service.   Here’s some of what we do for property owners on a regular basis, to help them ward off serious troubles that come […]

Great Tips To Help You Keep Your Lawn Yard Virtually Pest-Free

Most homeowners view an appealing lawn is a necessity. This is why American consumers spend millions of dollars each year on lawn maintenance services. As temperatures start to warm up, the grass outside is starting to grow. While you need to make sure your grass is properly trimmed and watered, there are other concerns you […]

Termite Bonds: Does My House Need One?

When it comes to termites, it typically isn’t a matter of if termites will invade your house, but when. That’s why it is a good idea to have a termite bond in place before they are listed on the market, and buyers should have one when making a purchase, or they should get one soon […]

Leveling Your St. Augustine Lawn

New home builders generally do a great job at building new homes, but when it comes to installing turf, they often fall short.   Most new home buyers will often find ruts, ridges, and even a few small holes in their lawns. Cutting the grass doesn’t help.  This type of lawn is hard to walk […]

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