Leveling Your St. Augustine Lawn

New home builders generally do a great job at building new homes, but when it comes to installing turf, they often fall short.   Most new home buyers will often find ruts, ridges, and even a few small holes in their lawns. Cutting the grass doesn’t help.  This type of lawn is hard to walk […]

How Often Should I Water My St. Augustine Grass?

Do you have brown patches or dry areas in your lawn, or possibly dead areas of grass?  Here’s a quick rundown on how often to water your lawn.   Start by watering in the early morning hours when it’s cooler around 12 a.m. Loss of water by evaporation can be as high as 60% during […]

St. Augustine Grass Is A Deep South Favorite

Did You Know… St. Augustine grass is a deep South favorite?  From Florida to central Texas, St. Augustine grass is the turf of choice. It is a tropical grass but can also be found in several countries and some islands.   In the southern states where it is warm and humid, St. Augustine grass thrives. […]

Pest Control for Ticks

  Ticks can cause serious health problems.  They thrive in wooded areas or areas with long grass. They feed on the blood of animals, but not all ticks spread disease.   They are active during spring and summer.  They can attach themselves to your pets and clothing. Most ticks are found in northern states, but […]

Summer Lawn Care In Florida

Caring for your Florida lawn in the summer months is easy if you know what to look for. Knowing the first signs of disease puts you ahead of the game.   Diseases usually begin as brown patches that can measure from one to several feet in diameter. These diseased areas may be yellow, brown, and […]

Florida Lawn Maintenance and Care

Florida lawns experience many environmental stressors. Nutrient deficiencies are only one of those stressors.  Whether it’s extreme temperatures, soil/pH imbalances, over-watering, prolonged exposure to shade or traffic, Florida has it all.   Stressors are different than disease or insect problems. They can occur at the same time, but if there is an underlying issue with […]

June 4th-10th is Bed Bug Awareness Week

No one likes to see insects in their home after a long day at work. The thought of moving furniture around to spray down a cockroach or standing on a stool to wipe away a spider can be a hassle. But did you know that cockroaches and spiders are not the only insects you have […]

Lawn Care with Perschel & Meyer Pest Management

Perschel & Meyer Pest Management provides expert lawn care services second to none. We will inspect your lawn and offer tips and advice on the care of your lawn. For instance, did you know that St. Augustine grass should be mowed to a level of 3 to 4 inches to help the lawn increase in […]

Helpful Tips for Mosquito Suppression

The summer months are upon us and with them come dreaded mosquitoes! The humid summer months in Florida combined with mosquitoes at their prime can be a recipe for a miserable summer if you do not take the necessary precautions. Perschel and Meyer Pest Management has proudly been serving homes and businesses in the Greater […]

Bed Bug Nightmares

Bed bugs are a nightmare, and once your home is infested with them, they must be exterminated by professionals. They cannot be ignored and common household “bug killer” will not get rid of them. You need Perschel and Meyer Pest Management.  Our technicians are trained specifically to rid your home of these nasty creatures.   […]

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