Customer Reviews

Staff very professional and knowledgeable about the lawn & shrubs.

— Judith M


Real professionals who know their stuff. We get pest control of all kinds from one company. Insects, rodents, lawn insects and diseases. Even fertilizer and weed control. Plus the staff is friendly and courteous.

— Steve P


The service provided by Perschel & Meyer is fantastic. I’ve been a client for 6 months and and extremely pleased with their knowledge, politeness and promptness. Josh is my on-site technician and he genuinely cares about my situation and does everything to make sure I’m satisfied. His visits are always right on time so there is no waiting around for hours for his visit.

— Romaine M


I have nothing but great things to say about their pest service. They are attention oriented, because they noticed I had a small opening on the corner of my home near my garage. Paul informed me of that issue and I thank him for that because he told me rodents could get through an opening that small.

— Robert M


My name is Tony Jackson and I called Paul Saunders To do an inspection, for carpenter ants, while he was at my house he noticed my grass has some bare spots, he showed me that I had chinch bugs! I was surprised because True Green was taking care of my lawn! Well, I canceled my service with them, and asked Paul to have his company take care of my lawn. Since using Perschel & Meyer my lawn has never looked better. A couple of times I called the company for information and they were very helpful and courteous. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.

— Tony J