The Dangers of Over Watering Your Lawn

Landscaping irrigation systems use over one-third of the water consumed by residential structures in the United States. Most homeowners realize that in order to keep their grass looking great, they have to provide it with the right amount of water. Grass that is deprived of water will soon die off.

If you lack experience with home landscaping, you might be unaware of how much water to put on your lawn. The average person fails to realize that overwatering a lawn can be just as bad as not watering it at all. Below are just some of the problems you may discover if you over-water your home’s lawn.

The Dangers of Over Watering Your Lawn

Thatch Can Damage Your Grass

When grass is constantly wet, it becomes a harvesting ground for decomposed plant material. While having a little bit of this plant material on your grass is beneficial, having too much can be problematic. Thatch is the name given to the partially decomposed plants that cover lawns that are being over watered. The longer you allow your grass to get overwatered, the worse your thatch problem will inevitably become.

Thick layers of thatch will prohibit oxygen from penetrating your soil. This means that your grass will start to turn brown and die off. Rather than dealing with the eyesore, this can cause, you need to notice signs of overwatering and make changes. If you are unsure about how to adjust your existing lawn irrigation system, consulting with professionals is a wise move. With their assistance, you can reduce the amount of water your grass gets on a daily basis.

Wet Grass is a Breeding Ground for Pests

Most homeowners dedicate lots of time and money to their fight against pests. Dealing with a serious pest infestation can take a toll on you mentally. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep these critters out of your home at all costs. If your grass is always wet, it will create a breeding ground for insects and pests. These pests will thrive in the environment and may make their way into your home.

The best way to solve this problem is by working with the team at Perschel & Meyer Pest Management. Our team will be able to find the source of your pest infestation. With our help, you can get rid of pests quickly and affordably.

Long-Term Lawn Damage

Another danger that comes with consistently over-watering your lawn is damage to your grass. These swampy conditions will make your grass extremely spongy. When you walk across this spongy grass, the chances of it getting ripped and damaged are increased substantially. Instead of creating this long-term grass damage, you need to find the source of your problem.

Do you have a hard time keeping your lawn healthy and pest-free? If so, you need to let our team help you out. With our help, you can make your house the best-looking property on the block.