Florida Lawn Maintenance and Care

Florida lawns experience many environmental stressors. Nutrient deficiencies are only one of those stressors.  Whether it’s extreme temperatures, soil/pH imbalances, over-watering, prolonged exposure to shade or traffic, Florida has it all.


Stressors are different than disease or insect problems. They can occur at the same time, but if there is an underlying issue with your soil such as too much watering or not enough water, the weakening of your turf invites pests. Making sure your lawn is in tip-top condition means good soil, adequate watering, and the suggested lawn nutrients.


A thick lawn equals less weeds, but if you over-fertilize, disease develops. “Treating” with a fungicide without treating the cause of the lawn problem will prolong the disease, and it will return.


Suggestions for maintenance and care of your Florida lawn:


  • Choose grass suited for the area. Shady areas require shade-tolerate turf, etc.
  • Fertilize only as needed. Use only recommended fertilizers. Too much nitrogen can weaken your lawn’s stress-resistance.
  • Keep your lawn mowed at the recommended height.  Deep root systems create plush turf.
  • Irrigate as recommended for the area, season, soil type, shade and root depth. Water requirements differ for different grasses.


Perschel & Meyer Pest Management can take the guessing out of lawn care. We specialize in every aspect of lawn care from bugs to weed control.  You don’t have to worry about a thing. We show up on schedule, check your lawn for stress, and treat accordingly. Florida can be tough on grass. Drought, heat, and insects are all a problem. We take them all seriously.


Call Perschel & Meyer Pest Management for a free lawn inspection. We have plans to fit your budget. If you just want insect control, that’s what we’ll do.