Four Areas Of Pest Control Service That Works

As a major Jacksonville pest control company, we see all of it – all of the creepy crawlies and property liabilities that can be properly treated with high-quality scientific pest control service.


Here’s some of what we do for property owners on a regular basis, to help them ward off serious troubles that come with infestations. 


Ant Infestation Control


We handle ants and carpenter ants for residential and commercial businesses, along with other types of insect infestations, for example, fleas originally brought in by animals that can breed out of control in a home or other building.


Controlling infestations requires active treatment that’s carefully formulated to the species of bug in question. Then our technicians come out on a prescribed timeline and keep these treatments active, and in almost all cases, you’re going to soon see the infestation decline. This is not the type of thing that many can people can do by themselves with a DIY solution. We utilize research and development information from top scientific mitigation sources, and that helps make our infestation control effective.




You don’t want new furry friends in your property, and rodents are another one of our top pest control services. As with various kinds of infestations, it helps to catch these problems early and attack them immediately. We can spot evidence of rodent activity and tailor your pest control plan to what you are experiencing in the building.


Termite Control


This is one that typically doesn’t come up until it’s time to sell a property and then – oh no – you spot certain evidence of termite damage or infestation.


Again, we use scientifically formulated treatments to control and mitigate termite damage, so that your property sale can go through. Of course, termite control also safeguards your wood frame on your property that is responsible for building structure integrity.


Other Occasional Insects


We also help property owners to deal with what you might call non-infesting insects such as spiders, crickets and centipedes. These crawlers might be creepy, but they’re less likely to infest a building quickly. That’s not to say that you’ll never experience an infestation, but that these insects are more likely to visit your property on an occasional basis.


In any case, we can help you to get your property to the state of comfort and livability that you need. Call Perschel and Meyer for proper help with any kind of unwanted pest situation.