Helpful Tips for Mosquito Suppression

The summer months are upon us and with them come dreaded mosquitoes! The humid summer months in Florida combined with mosquitoes at their prime can be a recipe for a miserable summer if you do not take the necessary precautions. Perschel and Meyer Pest Management has proudly been serving homes and businesses in the Greater Jacksonville area for decades providing quality and effective mosquito management services. With a simple call to your local pest management experts, you can stop constantly worrying about mosquitoes and enjoy a carefree outdoor experience at home for you and your family.
Besides the obvious discomfort of a mosquito bite, there are some other health issues that can come into play. There are “Mosquito-borne diseases” that have become public health concerns. Zika, Dengue and West Nile are just a couple of the possible diseases that mosquitoes can be carrying. These health concerns are another reason proper pest control is so important.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to dealing with pests that use effective, economically sound strategies. This method helps manage mosquito populations and decrease the chance of mosquito borne diseases from effecting our communities. These strategies include identifying the Mosquito’s different species and watching the populations at all life stages. Once the populations reach a certain age and “action level,” authorities step in to lower the population using different methods.
These methods are science-based and minimize the possible harm to the public and environment. These different methods vary and can include anything from draining standing water to reduce the amount of mosquitos to releasing fish that specialize in eating mosquitoes. Another common method is using pesticide on mosquitoes to lower the population.
It is very important to eliminate any possible harm to the environment and public while also ensuring we protect the public from any possible diseases. Protecting the community is a group effort and if we are all well informed on the correct strategies, then we can all have an enjoyable summer.
If you think you need your house checked, call Perschel and Meyer Pest Management, we will identify any pest control problems and create a personalized and cost-effective solution for you!