June 4th-10th is Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed Bug RemovalNo one likes to see insects in their home after a long day at work. The thought of moving furniture around to spray down a cockroach or standing on a stool to wipe away a spider can be a hassle. But did you know that cockroaches and spiders are not the only insects you have to worry about? Bed bugs are having a real resurgence over the last several years and if you’re not taking the necessary precautious, they can infest your home.


What makes bed bugs hard to get rid of, compared to cockroaches and spiders, are their size. It’s easy to spot a cockroach running around in the kitchen but not as easy to spot bed bugs on your bed or furniture. That’s why many people fall asleep on an infected bed without realizing it until the next day when they have bites all over their body.


In honor of Bed Bug Awareness Week, here are some ways to detect whether or not your home is infected by bed bugs:


  • Of course, if any live bed bugs are seen
  • Any eggs and eggshells that are yellow in color are spotted
  • Look for dark spots that may be bed bug excrement that stains the fabric of the furniture
  • Go through your furniture and look for any red or rusty stains that maybe caused by bed bugs being crushed


Bed bugs are fairly clever when it comes to their chosen living space. They have a tendency to live and reproduce in areas that hard to get to. Here’s a list of places where you might find them:


  • Around the bed
  • Small cracks on the headboard and bed frame
  • In between the edges of chairs and couches
  • Around electrical outlets
  • In the area where the wall and ceiling meet


If you inspect your home and are still not sure if you are infected by bed bugs, the best option is to contact a professional pest inspector, such as Perschel & Meyer Pest Management. We can come to your home to verify whether you are infected with bed bugs and your best options to get rid of them so you can continue to have a safe and healthy home.