Lawn Care with Perschel & Meyer Pest Management

Perschel & Meyer Pest Management provides expert lawn care services second to none. We will inspect your lawn and offer tips and advice on the care of your lawn. For instance, did you know that St. Augustine grass should be mowed to a level of 3 to 4 inches to help the lawn increase in density to help crowd out weeds? That means less weed control treatments. Nobody wants weeds and P&M will keep them away. Remember to set your lawnmower to a higher height. 
Dull blades will give your lawn a poor appearance and can cause fungus problems.   Something that simple can make a difference. Make sure your blades are sharp.
Perschel & Meyer Pest Management will keep your lawn green and lush. We offer tips on watering (how much is enough or too much), and we’ll identify any weeds you may have and treat them accordingly. We use granular fertilization to keep your lawn green.
If you do develop a fungus, P&M will treat those areas to suppress diseases such as large-patch fungus, leaf spot fungus, dollar spot, and more. 
There are insects that will eat your lawn from the roots on up. Mole crickets and chinch bugs are notorious for destroying turf. We won’t let that happen.
Dollarweed is a weed that never seems to die. P&M will get rid of it for you. We use highly effective pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides that will control even the most difficult weeds in your yard. Dollarweed is a major annoyance as is sedge weed.  No weed can hide from Perschel & Meyer Pest Management.
Perschel & Meyer Pest Management is proud of what we do. Our customers are #1 to us. Call us today for a FREE Estimate.