Lawn, Shrub & Tree Care & Pest Prevention Benefits of Granular Fertilizer, Fungicide, Insecticide & Weed Control Treatments in Ponte Vedra, FL

Monthly Lawn Care Service will keep your Yard looking its Best

spring lawn careKeeping your yard in good shape can become a challenge, especially this time of the year when summer plans take priority over almost everything. Family vacations, reunions, and other activities can get in the way of trimming your shrubs, mowing the lawn and caring for your trees. The best way to keep your yard looking its best is to hire Perschel and Meyer to take care of it for you. With monthly lawn care service from Perschel and Meyer, your yard will receive top quality fertilization, shrub insect control and shrub disease suppression. A tree specific fertilizer will be used on the trees on your property that need extra care and attention as well. Your yard will be the best looking one on the block!


Fertilization Will Greatly Benefit your Grass & Lawn

Perschel and Meyer’s monthly lawn care includes regular fertilization to your lawn, which will provide a great deal of benefits to not only your lawn but also your family. A lawn that is properly fertilized by a professional will insure that your grass is worthy of bare feet. Regular fertilization provides the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of weeds, heat, drought, pets and family activities. Regular scheduled fertilization is the fastest and most affordable way to care for your lawn, keeping problems out of your yard and off your mind. Your lawn will grow faster, greener and stand up to heat, sun, stress and play. Hire Perschel and Meyer for your monthly lawn care service to keep your lawn properly fertilized all year long. We offer custom treatments ranging from granular fertilizer as well as fungicide, insecticide and weed control treatments.


Protect your Shrubs Fertilizer Services

When you hire Perschel and Meyer for monthly lawn care service, not only will your lawn be regularly fertilized, but your shrubs will be protected from insects that can do a great deal of damage. When you sign up for monthly lawn care service you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of shrub insect control. There are a significant amount of insects that can destroy the shrubs on your property and turn your beautifully landscaped home into a dry, deserted looking yard. Aphids, black vine weevils, caterpillars, webworms and beetles are just a few of the insects that will devour your shrubs and prevent them from growing healthy and strong. Our monthly lawn care service provides shrub insect control, eliminating the presence of harmful insects that will destroy the shrubs around your home.


Keep the Trees on your Property Growing Fast, Strong & Tall

Newly planted, weak, deficient or high maintenance species of trees may periodically need to be supplemented with a tree specific type fertilizer. The best way to care for your trees is with Perschel and Meyer monthly lawn care service. We will continually inspect the condition of the trees on your property and give them the specific care and attention they require to grow as strong and healthy as possible. We are familiar with all tree species and the special care that each one needs to grow to its potential.


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