Leveling Your St. Augustine Lawn

New home builders generally do a great job at building new homes, but when it comes to installing turf, they often fall short.


Most new home buyers will often find ruts, ridges, and even a few small holes in their lawns. Cutting the grass doesn’t help.  This type of lawn is hard to walk on and can look unsightly. There are solutions though.


If you have shallow ruts in your lawn, you can add top dressing material not to exceed one inch at a time.  The top of the blade should still be visible after top dressing. Never completely cover the lawn.  Water the sand or soil thoroughly into the St. Augustine lawn.


Deeper ruts and indentations (more than 3 inches in depth) should not be top dressed.  For this, use a shovel and lift the affected pieces of sod and place the top dressing sand or soil under the sod. If the sod is still uneven, it can be top dressed. Regular watering for about 2 weeks should “set” the sod.



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