How Often Should I Water My St. Augustine Grass?

Do you have brown patches or dry areas in your lawn, or possibly dead areas of grass?  Here’s a quick rundown on how often to water your lawn.


Start by watering in the early morning hours when it’s cooler around 12 a.m. Loss of water by evaporation can be as high as 60% during the day. Don’t worry about the morning dew. This will not cause overwatering.


Saturate each root zone and to allow for healthy, deep root growth. A full inch of water is recommended during hot, dry months, but always follow local water regulations. For regular watering, ½ to ¾ of an inch of water per application is enough to replenish the grass. St. Augustine grass is very hearty and will withstand drought fairly well. During rainy season, check with Perschel & Meyer Pest Management for recommendations if your lawn is showing signs of too much water.


For normal watering during the summer months, twice per week is adequate. If the rains stop for a week, make sure you water to avoid damage to your turf. If it rains several days each week, you may not have to water at all. If in doubt, check with a Perschel & Meyer Supervisor .


Having a beautiful, thick, green, weed-free lawn is every homeowner’s goal. Follow your Perschel & Meyer technician’s recommendations, or when in doubt, call us. Your lawn is important to us.  We’ll  evaluate and treat your lawn as necessary.  Always cut lawn to about 4 inches for St. Augustine turf with freshly sharpened blades and check for insects.


Enjoy your summer!