Our Pest and Lawn Care Services

Perschel & Meyer Pest Management provides lawn care, fertilization, pest control, and termite control services for areas of Jacksonville, Mandarin, & Jacksonville’s Beaches.

Lawn Care

Whether you want a safe place for your kids to play, the best lawn on the block or just some more free time, Perschel & Meyer Pest Management’s lawn care services are a stress and hassle free way to ensure your yard always looks outstanding. Beyond just killing weeds and eliminating yard pests, we make your lawn look the best it’s ever looked. Our lawn care services are customized to your local Jacksonville landscape and terrain. We start with a free consultation and estimate that helps us to get to know you and your lawn. Perschel & Meyer has been in the lawn care business for decades, which means we have dealt with just about every grass, weed, and yard pest problem you could have in our local environment and weather conditions. If you are ready to take a proactive approach to a healthy lawn and you want beautiful, green grass all year round without any bother or stress, call Perschel & Meyer today to start your customized lawn care program!

Tree & Shrub Care

The landscape that surrounds your home or business is a huge part of what makes it so inviting and appealing. We invite you to keep your biggest investments healthy and lush with our expert tree and shrub care. Perschel & Meyer offers professional tree services including fertilization and integrated yard pest management. We know how to make your property look beautiful all year round! We seasonally adjust and customize our tree care services to prevent the most common problems your trees and shrubs face throughout the year. With our tree and shrub services, you will not have to worry about common tree problems like leaf spot and unhealthy brown and yellow leaves. Perschel & Meyer are licensed experts in insect and disease control, and we know how to identify and treat both common and unusual tree problems that may occur.

Household Pest Control

Our extensive pest control services treat pest problems both on the inside and outside of your property. Our process begins with a careful consultation and examination of the structure of your home or office. We identify the pest control problems that you have, and we create the most cost effective solutions possible that are guaranteed to eliminate pests and prevent future infestations.

Termite Control

Termites eat wood, literally the very wood from which our homes, offices and other structures are built. They can cause great structural damage if immediate action is not taken by the home or business owner. Are you aware that termite damage is not covered by many Florida homeowners’ insurance policies? Perschel & Meyer provides effective and affordable termite inspection and treatment services that can help to minimize and prevent costly damage to your home or business.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

Bed bugs will not go away without extermination and can therefore not be ignored. Bed bug control typically requires the help of expert bed bug removal technicians like those trained at Perschel & Meyer Pest Management.

Additional Services

Perschel & Meyer Pest Management is more than a recognized leader in pest and termite control. We also provide a variety of other high quality services to help protect and maintain the health of your home, business, or commercial properties and the people who live and work in them. In addition to pest management and lawn and tree services, you can also look forward to receiving the best available animal, mole, fire ant, and shrub bed weed control.

We Are Your #1 Choice for Pest Control & Lawn Care in Mandarin, FL!