Armadillo Control & Trapping

Armadillo Control & Trapping


Armadillos sit on the larger size scale of pests that humans are sometimes forced to deal with in their own backyards. They are unlike any other pest in appearance and must be treated differently when it comes to proper armadillo control, removal, trapping and relocation. Laws are in effect that protect the armadillo from being harmed and treated in a way that you would approach any other wildlife or rodent infestation on your property. Armadillos have the ability to dig large tunnels underneath a home, dig small holes all over the lawn and burrow underground; all possibly resulting in cracking concrete, breaking pipes and frustrating destruction of landscapes. Armadillos are also known to give the family pet quite a scare and have them feeling stressed out and agitated when they go outside.

Armadillo Catching Trap & Relocation

The only way to legally and properly get armadillos off of your property and away from your home is to first catch them, and second relocate them to an appropriate area. Armadillos are a nocturnal animal that will come onto your property at night and dig a bunch of holes or burrow into your ground, then leave before the morning breaks. This can leave home owners feeling very frustrated, as they are not even given a chance to catch the armadillo.

Do Armadillos Burrow? Yes; Often Right Under your Fence!


Some homeowners have gone to the extreme of building an elaborate fence around their property to prevent or discourage the armadillo from getting onto their land in the first place. Unfortunately, this will fail nine out of ten times as the armadillo will simply burrow underneath the fence line and proceed to dig holes all over your property. This leaves you looking like quite a fool for all the time and energy it took to construct the fence. Catching the armadillo or armadillos that are tormenting your property is much harder than you think, and your best bet is to call in the help of a professional like Perschel & Meyer Pest Management.

Professional Armadillo Control Solutions

Trapping an armadillo on your own will take endless attempts that will leave you feeling quite defeated. If you are experiencing difficulties with the presence of armadillos on your property, contact Perschel and Meyer Pest Management today. We specialize in the proper trapping, control, removal and relocation of armadillos so you don’t have to. Our technicians will successfully trap the armadillos that are on your property in a safe and legal way, and carefully relocate them in an area that is far from your home. Contact Perschel and Meyer Pest Management today for the best armadillo control and relocation available.