Carpenter Ant Inspection and Control

Carpenter ants are a major nuisance that have the ability to cause a significant amount of structural damage. They can survive both indoors and outdoors; thriving in environments with moist, decaying, or hollow wood. They build their nests in this type of wood and create tunnels that will lead to their main nesting area. Carpenter ants are found living around and under windows, roof eaves, decks and patios. All of these areas are more vulnerable to be invaded by carpenter ants, as they are more likely to retain moisture. Perschel & Meyer Pest Management technicians are skilled and experienced in finding exactly where carpenter ants are hiding inside of your home.

Foraging Carpenter Ants


Carpenter ants are excellent foragers that typically eat parts of other dead insects, honey dew, and secretions from many different types of plants. Carpenter ants generally forage alone, but have been known to forage in small groups as well. When a food source is discovered, carpenter ants leave a traceable scent for the other ants to track from the nest to the food and back to the nest. They are very clever and can adapt quickly to many different environments. Carpenter ants are capable of causing a great deal of damage to any home, especially when they go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. Perschel & Meyer Pest Management will eliminate the presence of carpenter ants from your home, ensuring your house is protected from the damage that carpenter ants can cause.

Signs of Carpenter Ants


One sign that you may have a carpenter ant problem is the trace of a saw dust like substance near door frames, porches, decks and patios. This saw dust is also called “frass” and can be an excellent clue as it may help indicate where the carpenter ant nesting area is located. Carpenter ants can cause a great deal of damage to wood in a home, but unlike termites, they leave behind very smooth tunnels: a tell-tale sign of a carpenter ant infestation. A Perschel & Meyer pest control inspector will detect these and other signs that carpenter ants leave behind. This inspection will produce the information needed to recommend the most effective method for carpenter ant extermination.

Biting Carpenter Ants


Like most other insects, the carpenter ant will defend itself when it feels threatened. A carpenter ant will defend its nest at all costs, and if it feels that its nest is under attack or being invaded, it will retaliate. Carpenter ants are large in size, compared to other species of ants, and so they can pack a mean bite, even potentially breaking skin. When a carpenter ant bites, it also sprays a defensive chemical of formic acid into the victim’s skin, which will make the bite feel even more painful. Perschel & Meyer Pest Management will keep carpenter ants away from your home to ensure that you and your family members are protected from these painful bites.

Professional Carpenter Ant Removal


Perschel & Meyer Pest Management specializes in the complete removal of carpenter ants from your home. Our technicians are skilled and trained in all of the latest equipment and proven methods. If you are already experiencing difficulties fighting to get carpenter ants out of your home, contact Perschel & Meyer Pest Management today for the highest quality of pest control available.