Perschel & Meyer Pest Management offers Pest Control Services for residential and commercial properties.


We keep Bugs Out of Your Home and Business!


Our Pest Control Service guarantees against crawling insects, including roaches, silverfish, earwigs, carpenter ants, spiders, stored product pests, crickets, scorpions, house ants, pill bugs, sow bugs, springtails, centipedes, and more!  We also provide additional rodent, flea, and tick control services.


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Keep shrubs pruned at least one foot away from the home.

This will decrease access points for pests.

Keep tree limbs pruned off the roof.
Limbs that are in contact with the roof provide easy access for rodents and destructive pests, such as carpenter ants.
When insects infest shrubbery, many of them will secrete a sugary substance called honeydew.
Ants love honeydew! Treat these insects when they infest your shrubs and the ants won’t be as inclined to live next to your home. Perschel & Meyer Pest Management also provides excellent lawn and shrub care. Please call us at (904) 241-3409 if you would like a FREE estimate!