Termite Inspection

Personal Termite Attention

Termites require a much greater amount of attention than any other pest. The professionals at Perschel and Meyer Pest Management are extremely knowledgeable in termite behavior, termite construction and termite biology. Our technicians are familiar and experienced in effectively inspecting your home for termites. We are trained in the safe and proper uses of termite pesticides. Our technicians are highly qualified in all termite control and removal methods, starting with perhaps the most important aspect; termite inspections. Call us today to schedule your inspection in Nocatee, Durbin, Ponte Vedra, FL, & surrounding areas!

Intensive Termite Inspections


Termites are very good at hiding significant amounts of damage – so good that you may not even be aware you have termites! Perschel and Meyer Pest Management technicians know where and what to look for when tracking termites on your property and inside of your home. We offer a very thorough termite inspection, seeking out all conditions that attract termites. Our technicians will inspect your home for wood that is in contact with soil, open seams around bath taps, concrete cracks and sweating pipes. During a termite inspection, Perschel and Meyer Pest Management technicians keep a look out for rotted out wood and termite mud tubes, as these are common signs of a sure termite infestation. It is essential to put a barrier between your home and the termites once these signs of infestation are discovered through our inspections.

Locating Termite Colonies

Perschel and Meyer Pest Management is equipped to perform the most thorough termite inspections. Each inspection will alert our technicians to the exact locations termites have been inside of your home. Our technicians are specialized in tracking down termites and finding their mud tubes that they build and use to travel to and from your home. An inspection performed by a Perschel and Meyer Pest Management technician will ensure that your termite problem or infestation will be properly taken care of and termites will be eliminated.

Detecting Termite Infestations


The technicians at Perschel and Meyer Pest Management will inspect all areas of your home and property. Termites gather in attics, basements and inside of the walls in your home. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all spaces in your home that are inviting to termites and show any sign of a termite infestation. Perschel and Meyer Pest Management will be able to tell you how serious the termite damage is, what type of termites have infested your home and the best method to eliminate them that will be customized for your specific circumstances. Contact Perschel and Meyer Pest Management for professional termite home inspections.