Shrub Care and Maintenance

Green leaf with water drops for background

Perschel and Meyer cares for shrubs and trees as well as pest control for your lawns. Homeowners are often unaware of these extra services. Shrubs have pest problems just like lawns. Many times, by the time a homeowner notices, the shrub is nearly dead or is beyond saving. Pests can spread to other yard and garden plants and bushes. At Perschel and Meyer, we inspect your whole yard from grass, to trees, to shrubs and flower beds. We look for termites, mole crickets, ants, and more. If they’re in your yard, we’ll find them. Along with pest control, we offer fertilization and pruning of dead branches. We treat for shrub diseases to give your shrubs and bushes the chance for optimum growth adding beauty and curb appeal to your home.


If you have newly planted trees, bug infested trees, or weak trees, we will check them as well. We will fertilize for optimum growth and, of course, use optimal pest control to keep your trees alive and healthy. Dead and diseased branches are removed to add to the health of your plants.


With spring in the air, have you thought about a spring pest inspection? Our pest control technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your home and yard. They will pinpoint any area of infestation and completely eliminate it. It’s a great way to start off the summer – bug free! And we’ll keep your yard looking great year round.


Your home and yard is important to you and to us. Our clients come first. Ask about our specials and scheduling for yard maintenance.