Why Does It Sound Like A Law Firm?

Some people think our name sounds more like a law firm than a pest control company. Listen, don’t worry – we’re not going to try to litigate the bugs out of your home. We’re going to use the best cutting-edge science and professional industrial techniques to get your property safe and livable again.

The reason our name is Perschel and Meyer is that these families have built this business over the years. We’re still a local family business, although we’re one with a big reach in the Jacksonville area. Also, like a law firm, the family names inspire confidence in locals. We are the best at what we do – and it shows!

Science-Based Pest Control

Our technicians routinely go out to local area properties to diagnose and fix insect infestation problems.

In most cases, that involves setting a baseline and then monitoring for changes over time, while utilizing the right treatments to get the right outcomes.

You can see a lot more about this in our frequently asked questions page, where we talk about how soon you can see positive results from some treatment or another.

Basically, you can’t just go by what you see on television. There’s a lot more to it than that, as our technicians can tell you. Having said that, some of the best guidelines work pretty well to help most customers achieve the right outcomes fairly quickly.

Referrals and Word Of Mouth

You can see in our founder statement that the company continues to get up to 80% of its business through referrals.

That means we don’t have to pay for blanketing an area with advertisements, or run a banner from an airplane as some companies do in places like Ocean City, Maryland – (and that has to cost quite a bit!)

That said, we can pass the savings on to our customers and continue to build and grow the business with an excellent reputation here in Jacksonville, Florida. We know that the wildlife and the climate can be challenging – but for many people who call Florida home, it’s abundantly worth it to live in this vibrant community. Call us for any problems that you have with creepy, crawly things, and you can see our action plans in, well, action. Get connected to a company that knows the nuts and bolts of dealing with property infestations – because the right approach leads to the right result! Any of our techs can tell you that – and they can tell you how we’ve solved similar problems for others. At Perschel and Meyer – we know bugs!