Spring Subterranean Termite Swarming Season in Jacksonville Beach FL: Inspect for Termites & Damage to Your Home

The weather is beginning to warm up and make spending time outdoors much more tolerable than the previous months of cold air. Spring is the perfect time to begin working on your yard, cultivating your garden and participating in activities outside with your family. Spring is a busy time for homeowners; spring is also a very busy time for subterranean termites to begin swarming. What this means for homeowners is that termites are setting a target on your home and if you are not familiar with the signs of termites, your home could become seriously damaged from termites.


Know What Subterranean Termite Swarming Looks Like

When subterranean termites begin to swarm, they put themselves in a better position to successfully gain access into your home. Throughout the winter termites gather together in colonies, when the temperatures begin to warm up, some termites within these colonies begin to sprout wings. The termites that grow wings within the colony are called swarmers and are typically black or dark brown in color. A subterranean termite swarm usually only happens once per colony, but have been known in some cases to have two or three swarms. When a subterranean termite swarm occurs, the swarmers leave the colony through mud tubes that were constructed by the colony. Swarmers cannot fly for very long, but if there is a healthy wind, the subterranean termite swarmers can be carried for a long distance before falling to the ground.


Beware of Subterranean Termites Falling Near Your Home

termite damage smallSubterranean termite swarms pose the biggest threat when they land anywhere near your home. When a termite swarm’s wings fall off and they drop to the ground near your home, these termites will see your home as a source of food and shelter. Termites will begin to build mud tunnels to gain access to your home unless they were lucky enough to land on your home, then they have already begun to feast on the materials that make up your home and you may have the beginning of a subterranean termite infestation on your hands. It is a great idea to perform exterior subterranean termite inspections around your home.


Termite Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control & Removal in Jacksonville & It’s Beaches in Florida

Keep your eyes out for termite mud tunnels, these can easily be destroyed, but contact Perschel and Meyer Pest Management right away to inspect the remainder of your home and pinpoint the exact location of any termites that may have already gained access into your home.