St. Augustine Grass Is A Deep South Favorite

Did You Know…

St. Augustine grass is a deep South favorite?  From Florida to central Texas, St. Augustine grass is the turf of choice. It is a tropical grass but can also be found in several countries and some islands.


In the southern states where it is warm and humid, St. Augustine grass thrives. It requires care and nurturing because is not very drought or cold tolerant.


St. Augustine grass is a coarse textured grass.  Because of it’s coarseness, it is rarely used on golf courses or on sports fields either. Its primary use is for homes or businesses. The best way to “start” St. Augustine grass is with sod.


The biggest pest for this lawn is the chinch bug. This is a small insect but can cause serious damage to your lawn.


Another problem is St. Augustine Decline (SAD).  This is a disease caused by a virus. There is no treatment available.  It is a serious disease and is often the cause of lawn death.


St. Augustine grass grows well in most soils throughout the south. It is salt resistant so it grows well along the coast. It is also shade tolerant and thrives under great oak trees which the south is known for.


Once you plant your sod, it takes a couple of weeks for the roots to take hold and requires a lot of watering. Once established, your St. Augustine lawn is beautiful. It is a thick carpet of green, and if taken care of properly, it will last for years to come.


Your lawn will become dormant when soil temperatures fall below 55 degrees. If you experience a warm winter and soil temps remain 60 degrees and above, your lawn will remain green. However, the growth will slow during this time period which requires less cutting.