Summer Lawn Care In Florida

Caring for your Florida lawn in the summer months is easy if you know what to look for. Knowing the first signs of disease puts you ahead of the game.


Diseases usually begin as brown patches that can measure from one to several feet in diameter. These diseased areas may be yellow, brown, and sometimes a purplish color referred to as gray leaf spot disease often is caused by over watering or excessive fertilizing with high nitrogen. Reducing watering will help. A fungicide can be applied if the damage is extensive. Perschel & Meyer Pest Management can treat the problem and show you how to prevent future damage.


Mow your lawn at 3 inches or as high as possible on your rotary mower. You will have a lush, green lawn at this setting and weeds don’t have a chance to overtake your turf. A thick lawn is your goal. Make sure the lawn mower blade is sharp and leave the lawn clippings on the lawn. Excessive clippings can be left to dry out in the sun and then “re-mowed” back into the turf.


Fertilize with 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 sf in early July is recommended for a lush lawn. Using a slow-release nitrogen will extend nitrogen in your lawn and discourage rapid areas of growth or nitrogen loss during rainy spells. Using an iron source during the summer is another way for nitrogen to provide desirable dark color without undesirable bursts of growth. Rainfall is excessive in the summer months. Water your lawn to prevent drought stress only on an as-needed basis.


Enjoy your thick, lush, Florida lawn with the right care. Perschel & Meyer Pest Control is available for a free consultation. We offer many plans for caring for your lawn year round.