Three Things That Matter

Three Things That Matter

What matters in pest control services and other similar property protection offers? Every industry has its values, and every industry has its challenges. In our world, customers crave a certain set of key proficiencies and capabilities that we have developed as a top pest control and property maintenance company in the Jacksonville area.

You can see some of these ideas at work in the testimonials that we post on the website. We think about these concepts as we work to improve the services that we offer to our clients.

See what it takes to differentiate the top firms from others that customers often consider mediocre or not up to par.

Take this journey with us to understand how to get the best service for pest control at your property, when quality counts.

Promptness and Professionalism

One of the strengths of our program is that we guarantee certain sets of technician visits on a timeline. Then our people follow up, and show up promptly with the resources they need to help. Having the regular visits is a key part of moving from diagnosis to action, and staying on top of the problem until it isn’t a problem any longer.

This is also an important part of assisting a client in developing the psychological confidence that they need to work through to a solution for their problems. Our technicians take time to talk to customers, to explain what’s going on, and then as you see them at your property over time, you don’t have to guess at how they are handling your issue.


Some forms to seem like they’re on autopilot.

You’ll see these kinds of stories in the testimonial, where they talk about our techs spotting things that other companies missed. The most likely reason for that is our attention to detail and follow-through, where companies that just do the bare minimum might not uncover some of the underlying problems. Spotting these problems can lead to fixing infestations or other headaches that had property owners calling for help in the first place. Simply put, if you’re calling the professionals, it means you need that active assistance and just picking up the phone on the part of the contractor is not enough.

Turn to Perschel and Meyer to see why we’re one of the most popular Jacksonville, FL companies around. We are a small, local company with your best interests in mind, and we believe in square dealing, investing in proficiency and knowledge, and maintaining excellent customer service every day. Call us!